Configuring firewall settings - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Run the configure firewall command to start, stop, or disable the Address Manager firewall.

The Address Manager firewall is enabled by default. It's used to secure the server against attack.
Warning: BlueCat strongly advises against disabling the Address Manager firewall. Disabling the firewall should only be performed for servers in a secure environment and only for short periods of time.

To configure firewall settings:

  1. From Main Session mode, type configure firewall and press ENTER.
  2. Type <start/stop/disable> and press ENTER.
    • start—to start the Address Manager firewall.
    • stop—to stop the Address Manager firewall. Stopping the Address Manager firewall places it in an inactive status, however, the Address Manager Firewall Service is still enabled.

      Run the stop command when changing Address Manager replication servers (that is, changing the Standby or Tertiary Address Manager servers), or changing the IP addresses of the Address Manager replication servers.

    • disable—to disable the Address Manager firewall.
  3. Type show and press ENTER to verify its status.