Configuring speed, duplex, and auto-negotiation settings - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

This task describes how to configure speed, duplex and auto-negotiation settings.

BlueCat strongly recommends keeping speed, duplex, and auto-negotiation at their default settings. However, we recognize that sometimes it's necessary to configure these options for network environments that use switches that need specific speed and duplex settings rather than automatically negotiated settings.

Available interfaces on Address Manager and DNS/DHCP Server are:
  • Address Manager—eth0, eth1 (network redundancy; hardware appliances only)
  • DNS/DHCP Server—eth0, eth1 (xHA Backbone), eth2 (Dedicated Management), eth3 (hardware appliances only), bond0*, vlan-interface**

    *Only available once a bonding interface has been created (port bonding on hardware appliances only).

    **Only available when VLAN interfaces have been configured.

Note: Don't try to configure half-duplex communication. If you try to configure half-duplex, the Administration Console prevents you from saving the setting and an error message appears. For more information about duplex settings contact
Note: xHA Customers

You must set the speed and duplex manually if you are using Crossover High Availability (xHA). To ensure trouble-free HA operation, set the speed to 100 and set full duplex on the DNS/DHCP Server and on the switch you are using.

To configure speed, duplex, and auto-negotiation settings:

  1. From Main Session mode, type configure interfaces and press ENTER.
  2. Type modify <interface> and press ENTER.
  3. Type set speed <10|100|1000> and press ENTER.
  4. Type set duplex <full|half> and press ENTER.
  5. Type set autoneg <on|off> and press ENTER.
    Note: Autonegotiation is a requirement for using the 1000BASE-T standard. To set the speed at 1000 Mbits/sec you must first set autonegotiation on.
  6. Type save and press ENTER. The Administration Console saves your settings.
  7. Type exit and press ENTER until you return to Main Session mode.
Proteus> configure interfaces
Proteus:configure:interfaces> modify eth0
Proteus:configure:interfaces> set speed 100
Proteus:configure:interfaces> set duplex full
Proteus:configure:interfaces> set autoneg off
Proteus:configure:interfaces> save
Save interface details for eth0