Configuring the AD-Elect server - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Microsoft Active Directory uses a multi-primary replication model in which data can be written to any zone that is stored in Active Directory. A Windows administrator can manage any writable copy of a zone from the MMC.

Address Manager on the other hand, uses a deployment model in which resource record data is deployed to a designated Active Directory integrated zone. After deploying the data to the designated servers, Windows replicates it to the other zones. Address Manager includes a feature called AD-Elect which allows the administrator to designate the server to which the data should be deployed.

Only one DNS server can be designated as the AD-elect per zone. When configuring the zone, the user determines which server should be AD-Elect. During an import, the first server from which we import is the AD-Elect server.

The AD-Elect status has implications for Read-Only and Read-Write mode. In Read-Only mode, the AD-Elect status determines the server from which Address Manager receives resource records during the import and notification processes. In Read-Write mode, Address Manager deploys resource records to the server with the elect status only.
Note: You cannot delete an AD-Elect deployment role, or delete a server that holds the AD-Elect deployment role if there are other servers that have AD-Elect deployment roles for the same zone. You must promote another server to the Elect status first.