DHCP custom options - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

DHCP custom options are used to define a nonstandard DHCP Client option that might be required by your software or applications.

A small number of custom options including option 150 (TFTP server), 176 (IP Telephones), and 252 (WPAD) are available in the Address Manager user interface as DHCP client options. Options that aren't included can be added as DHCP custom options.

You can create a DHCP custom option definition from a configuration’s DHCP Settings tab. After creating a custom option definition, it's available as a DHCP Client option. Add a DHCP custom option at any level where a native DHCP client deployment option can be assigned.

The following option data types for custom DHCP options are supported:
Option Data Type Specifies
IPv4 Address An IPv4 address.


Text An NVT ASCII string.


Unsigned Integer 8bit An unsigned 8-bit integer.

Range: 0 to 255

Signed Integer 8bit A signed 8-bit integer.

Range: - 128 to 127

Unsigned Integer 16bit An unsigned 16-bit integer.

Range: 0 to 65,535

Signed Integer 16bit

A signed 16-bit integer.

Range: -32,768 to 32,767

Unsigned Integer 32bit

An unsigned 32-bit integer.

Range: 0 to 65,535


True (enabled) or False (disabled).

Default: False (disabled)

IPv4 mask An IPv4 subnet mask.


String An NVT ASCII string (works the same as the text data type), or a series of hexadecimal octets separated by colons.