Data and Logs - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity
As a part of initializing the Gateway service, Address Manager bind mounts data and logs directories on the BDDS. This is contrary to deployment on Docker, where BlueCat recommends using Docker volumes as a best practice. However, for Gateway Service on BDDS specifically, bind mounts work better with the BDDS file system and ensure data persistence when patching or upgrading the BDDS.

Default data and logs configuration:

Gateway Data - /root/gwdata/
  • Stores any changes made to the Gateway configuration of a running container
  • Shared directory for any image loaded onto the BDDS, meaning if you replace images, the containers will write the runtime data to /root/gwdata/
  • Do not use for app, plugin, or workflow data; use the Built-in workspace and generate a custom image
Logs - Gateway Service on BDDS has two sets of logs
  • Gateway Logs: /var/log/gateway - Gateway system logs
  • BDDS Logs: /var/log/commandServer.log - Docker status and Gateway status

Address Manager v9.5.0 also introduces the ability to configure custom data and logs directories under /root/gwmount/. Refer to Configuring Gateway service on a DNS/DHCP Server for more information.

Warning: Ensure that the service is configured using the directories above (/root/gwdata/:/bluecat_gateway/ and /var/log/gateway/:/logs/, or custom directory location /root/gwmount/). Data located outside of these directories will be lost upon patch or upgrade of the DNS/DHCP Server.