Database maintenance - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

This sections explains how to maintain Address Manager database.

The following database maintenance functions are available in the Address Manager user interface:
Functions Description
Database Replication Configures a primary appliance with one or two Standby servers to provide for database redundancy and disaster recovery. For information, refer to Replicating the database for Address Manager disaster recovery.
Database Cleaner Searches for and replaces host record objects that have the same host name, but that are assigned to multiple IP addresses. This function corrects a specific condition introduced by the migration tools in previous versions of Address Manager. For information, refer to Database Cleaner.
Database Re-index Rebuilds the Address Manager database index. Use this function if you notice a decline in Address Manager performance. For information, refer to Re-indexing the database.
Audit Data Retention Controls the retention of audit data in the Address Manager database. Use this function if you need to select more granular history retention based on the audit data type. For information, refer to Retaining audit data.
Audit Data Export Exports data to an external database. Use this function if you need to export the non-operational audit data from Address Manager to an external HTTP endpoint or a SIEM solution. For information, refer to Exporting audit data to an external database.

Use the Audit Data Settings and Database Re-index functions as part of ongoing database maintenance to keep the database at an efficient and manageable size. The Database Cleaner function addresses a specific issue and you need to use it only once to clean up your database.

Attention: Starting in Address Manager v9.3.0, History Archive and Purge and Transaction History Writing are now controlled by Audit Data Settings.