Delegating reverse zones - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Delegating a reverse DNS zone along classful boundaries in Address Manager is a simple process although how you configure it depends on whether you are delegating the zone to an external DNS server or to a DNS server under Address Manager control.

If you are delegating a reverse zone from one Address Manager-controlled DNS server to another Address Manager-controlled DNS server, perform the following:
  1. Assign a deployment role to the delegating DNS server at either the 8-bit network prefix or 16-bit network prefix IPv4 block.
  2. At the child block or network, assign a second deployment role to the server hosting the delegated zone.

Example—delegating the child zone from the server hosting the parent reverse zone:

  1. Create the IP block.
  2. Assign a deployment role to the parent server at the block level.
  3. Create the IP network within the block.
  4. Assign deployment roles to the child server at IP network levels.
  5. Deploy the configuration.

The resulting .db file on the parent server will contain the delegation NS records for the two child reverse zones. In this case, is delegating to

If you are delegating reverse zones to a DNS server that isn't under Address Manager control or isn't in the same Address Manager configuration:
  • The process is similar except that you need to create an external server in Address Manager and then assign the deployment role for the child networks to the external server.