Deploying Secondary Zones - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

How to deploy secondary zones.

If you assign the secondary deployment role to zone, it is deployed to Windows as a standard secondary zone.

To assign a secondary deployment role:

  1. Click the zone name.
  2. Click the Deployment Roles tab.
  3. Click New, then select DNS Role.
  4. From the Type drop-down menu, select Slave.
  5. Under Server Interfaces, click Select Server Interface. The Select Server Interface page opens.
  6. Click the server to which you want to assign the role. The Server Interfaces section opens.
  7. Click the Server Interface.
  8. Click the server interface to which you want to assign the role, then click Add.
  9. Click Add to add the deployment role and return to the DNS Zone tab, or click Add Next to add another deployment option.
    Note: You can assign a secondary deployment role to a server, but the zone is not deployed to the Managed Windows server until you add a primary or AD-integrated primary deployment role to the zone.