Dual boot partitions - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

The dual boot feature allows you to revert to the previously-installed software release by performing a single reboot operation.

This feature allows you to test a new software release while maintaining the previous release with its full configuration intact, simplifying the roll back process. During the upgrade process, Address Manager migrates the existing configuration to the new version, so that the new release is functionally equivalent to the previous release. Address Manager however, doesn't migrate local backup files from the earlier version of Address Manager to the updated version. Local backup files from the earlier version of Address Manager remain in the previous release’s partition. We recommend that you configure database backups to send backup files to a remote location, or that you move your local backup files before updating your system.

When you update to a new version, one partition retains your current version, and the other partition holds the new version. After you restart the appliance, you can boot from either partition.

Subsequent upgrade operations always install software into the non-running partition. This means that the currently-running software and its associated partition set remain intact, while Address Manager installs the new release into the other partition. This behavior allows you to test several software upgrades without losing your base running release. You must remember to boot into the base running release before you install another upgrade.