Enabling Dedicated Management - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

This task describes how to enable Dedicated Management on a DNS/DHCP Server not under Address Manager control.

Attention: DNS/DHCP Servers currently managed by Address Manager must first be reset from Address Manager control BEFORE enabling Dedicated Management.
In this task you will enable Dedicated Management on your multi-interface DNS/DHCP Server and set an IPv4 address on the Management (eth2) interface. Before you begin, make sure you have completed the following networking prerequisite:
  • Ensure the Management interface (eth2) is on the same network as the Address Manager server, or add static routes to ensure Address Manager and DNS/DHCP Server are mutually reachable. This subnet must be different than the DNS/DHCP Server Services interface subnet (eth0). If necessary, plug Address Manager into the Management switch, and run the configure interfaces command to assign an IP address to Address Manager for the Management subnet.
Configuring Dedicated Management in your network environment is a serious and complex task. Existing customers wanting to upgrade their Address Manager and DNS/DHCP Server appliances and enable Dedicated Management should first contact BlueCat Customer Care for more information and help: https://care.bluecatnetworks.com.

To enable Dedicated Management:

  1. Log in to the DNS/DHCP Server Administration Console as the administrator. For more information on the default administrator password, refer to BlueCat default login credentials (you must be authenticated to view this topic).
  2. From Main Session mode, type configure interfaces and press ENTER.
  3. Type modify eth2 and press ENTER.
  4. Type set address <ipv4address/CIDR> and press ENTER.
  5. Type save and press ENTER. The Administration Console saves your settings.
  6. Type exit and press ENTER until you return to Main Session mode.
  7. Type set dedicated-management enable and press ENTER.
    This operation will disconnect SSH connections.
  8. Type exit and press ENTER until you return to Main Session mode.
Adonis> configure interfaces
Adonis:configure:interfaces> modify eth2
Adonis:configure:interfaces:eth2> set address
Adonis:configure:interfaces:eth2> save
Adonis:configure:interfaces:eth2> exit
Adonis:configure:interfaces> set dedicated-management enable

Next, add the DNS/DHCP Server enabled with Dedicated Management to Address Manager.