Example XML migration file - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

The following example details an XML migration file that is valid for the new migration engine:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE data PUBLIC "-//BlueCat Networks//Integrity Migration Specification 9.5.0-alt//EN" "http://{hostname}/dtd/migration.dtd">
	<configuration name="Configuration1">
		<ip4-block name="testblock1" range="">
			<ip4-network name="testnetwork1" range=""/>
		<view name="internal">
			<zone name="int" deployable="true">
				<zone name="example-int-1" deployable="true">
					<host name="host-1-1" address="" on-exist="recreate-tree"/>

Important things to note about this example:

The DOCTYPE declaration includes the URI for the DTD on the Address Manager server in the systemId value, allowing compatible XML editors (such as Oxygen XML Author) to validate the file while editing. Replace {hostname} with the IP address or fully qualified domain name of your Address Manager server.

This above example creates or updates a Host record by providing the full object hierarchy starting from the Configuration. If the Configuration, View, Zone, or Subzone do not exist, they will be auto-created. If any of these elements do already exist, they will be skipped and remain unmodified, as the default on-exist attribute if not specified is skip-object. For example, if a zone named example-int-1 already exists with deployable set to false, it will remain false after migration processsing despite being declared with deployable="true".

If the Host record does not exist, it will be auto-created, but only if the network associated with the host record address already exists (networks and blocks are not auto-created and must be created manually, refer to Forward references, auto-creation, and guidelines for more information). In this example, the corresponding IPv4 Block and Network are defined first to ensure that the Host record can be created. If this Host record already exists, it will be updated with the new address, per the on-exist="recreate-tree" attribute.