Information Messages - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.3.2

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

The following contains informational messages that might be displayed in the Address Manager user interface.

I-01: Root zone found
Description: A root zone was configured by the user, which is not common.
Severity: Information
Effect User might wonder why recursion is not working as intended. A view with an internet root overrides any deployment options related to recursion.
Association: Configuration
How to Detect: Examine the configuration to see if a root zone exists. If so, flag the configuration with this issue type.

I-02: Zone contains resource records but not deployable
Description: The zone contains resource records, but has not been marked as deployable.
Severity: Information
Effect The zone will not be deployed.
Association: Zone
How to Detect: Search for a zone where resource records exist, but the Deployable check box is not selected.
Fix Select the Deployable check box.

I-03: DHCP deployable network without DHCP role
Description: A DHCP range or reserved addresses exist for a network where DHCP roles are not present.
Severity: Information
Effect DHCP range is not deployed.
Association: Block/Network
How to Detect: Examine the network to determine if DHCP deployable data exists. If so, and the network does not contain a DHCP role (only a DHCP Master role), flag it.
Fix Add the DHCP deployment role at either the IPv4 block or network level.

I-04: DHCP deployable network where DNS role does not exist
Description: DHCP deployable network is present with DHCP roles but no means to update DNS names.
Severity: Information
Effect DHCP does not update DNS.
Association: Network
How to Detect: Examine networks to determine if a DHCP deployment role exists with no accompanying DNS role (only Master and Hidden Master DNS roles) and flag the network with this issue.
Fix Add a DNS deployment role to the network.

I-05: TLD zone is deployable
Description: TLD is deployable.
Severity: Information
Effect The TLD might be marked as deployable when this is not intended.
Association: Zone
How to Detect: Flag all TLD zones that have the “deployable” value set.
Fix Clear the deployable checkbox at the TLD.

I-06: ENUM Zone contains numbers but not deployable
Description: The ENUM zone contains numbers, but it does not have the deployable flag set.
Severity: Information
Effect The ENUM zone is not deployed.
Association: ENUM Zone
How to Detect: Examine ENUM zone to determine if numbers exist but the “deployable” flag is not set. If so, flag the ENUM zone with this issue type.
Fix Set the deployable check box at the ENUM zone.

I-07: DHCP Deployable to DHCP Server ignoring scope splitting
Description: This network contains a DHCP role with a managed DHCP server, and the DHCP range contains a scope-split address.
Severity: Information
Effect User might think a managed DHCP Server performs scope-splitting.
Association: Network
How to Detect: Search for a network that is configured for scope-splitting but only has managed DHCP Servers for deployment roles, then flag it.
Fix Remove scope-splitting from the DHCP range under the affected network.