Limitations - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity
The following limitations exist when using the Gateway Service on a BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server appliance:
  • To ensure proper operation of DNS/DHCP services, BlueCat recommends deploying the Gateway Service on its own BDDS that is not running DNS/DHCP services at the same time. Running Gateway and DNS/DHCP services on the same BDDS is only supported for the Global Server Selector (GSS) adaptive application.
  • Gateway Service and a DNS Edge Service Point on the same BDDS are not supported.
  • Gateway Service on BDDS is supported as a single image deployed via the BAM UI or the BAM API. Customers who need to run more than one Gateway Service or more than one adaptive application / plugin should use additional BDDS appliances.
  • Deploying multiple Gateway Services on the same BDDS is not supported.
  • Gateway Service is not supported on xHA pairs. BAM will display an error message if you attempt to create an xHA pair with Gateway Service enabled on either of the nodes.
  • IPv6 is not supported for Gateway Service on BDDS.