Managed Windows Servers - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager

Manage Windows DNS and Windows DHCP servers in Address Manager through the use of a DDW server, which must be added to Address Manager before adding a Windows DNS or Windows DHCP server. Windows DNS and Windows DHCP servers under Address Manager control are referred to as Managed Windows Servers.

Typically, you add Windows servers to Address Manager in Read-Only mode then import the DNS and DHCP data. After the data has been imported, notifications begin and DHCP lease and DNS resource record data is sent dynamically to Address Manager. After you switch the servers to Read-Write mode, set all DNS and DHCP configurations in Address Manager, then deploy the configuration to the Managed Windows server(s). In Read-Write mode, you manage Windows DNS and DHCP services directly from Address Manager without using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or other Windows tools.

Managing Windows servers in Address Manager involves three activities:
  • Import—add a Windows server to Address Manager in Read-Only mode and import DNS or DHCP data
  • Notification—receive information dynamically about DHCP leases and DNS resource records from Windows servers from a polling mechanism built into the DDW server.
  • Deployment—create DNS and DHCP objects such as zones, resource records, scopes, and options in Address Manager, then deploy them to Managed Windows servers in Read-Write mode.
Note: Notification is automatic and does not require a manual process to receive information.