Managing Events - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

The Event List provides a record of system events and activity on Address Manager. Access to the Event List is restricted to Address Manager administration and is available from the Administration tab (Administration>Tracking>Event List).

The Event List logs events generated by the Deployment, Data Check, DHCP Alert, Migration, Database Maintenance, IP Reconciliation, Monitoring, and Workflow services, and events generated by the Address Manager application itself. An Event List includes start and end times for all deployments, and the deployment duration.

The Event List page lists the following types of events:
  • Application—events related to the operation of the Address Manager software.
  • Deployment Service—events related to deploying data to servers managed by Address Manager.

    When configuring the notification group, you need to subscribe to the Deployment Service event level and have the Warning check box selected.

  • Data Check Service—events related to the Data Checker service as it reviews data within configurations.
  • DHCP Alert Service—events triggered by the DHCP Alert Settings.
    Note: If you are using a Shared Network in DHCP, a DHCP Alert notification for all networks inside the Shared Network will be sent as a single entity notification using the DHCP Alert set at the configuration level. DHCP Alerts for each individual network within any Shared Network will also be sent only if object-specific DHCP Alerts are set at the network or DHCPv4 range level.
  • Migration Service—events related to migrating information into Address Manager.
  • Database Maintenance Service—events related to the Database Replication, History Archive and Purge, Database Cleaner, Database Re-index, and Transaction History Writing functions.
  • IP Reconciliation Service—events related to the reconciliation of IP addresses through the IP Reconciliation function.
  • Monitoring Service—events related to the servers managed by Address Manager through the service.
  • Workflow—events related to workflow requests and approvals.
  • xHA—events related to the function of servers in an xHA pair.
  • DNSSEC Auto Generate Key Service—events related to the automatic generation of DNSSEC Zone Signing Keys and Key Signing Keys.
  • Notification Service—events related to notifications.
  • Report Schedule—events related to scheduled reports.
  • Update—events related to updates in Address Manager.
  • Deployment Data Validation Service—events related to the validation for DNS and DHCP deployment services.
  • Datamining Service—events related to datamining services.
  • System Maintenance—events related to the maintenance of BAM and BDDS system.
  • Trust Relationship Management Service—events related to establishing trust relationships between Address Manager servers.
  • Apply IPv4 Template—events related to IPv4 Templates.
  • SSO and OAuth Management Service—events related to certificates with the SSO and OAuth configurations.
  • DHCP States Refresh—events related to refreshing DHCP lease states.
  • Apply Zone Template—events related to DNS zone templates.
Icons indicate the status of items in the Event List:
Icon Description
Indicates a successfully completed event.
Indicates an informational item.
Indicates an error condition.
Indicates a warning condition.
Indicates an invalid event.