Managing Windows DHCP failover - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Address Manager supports the configuration and management of DHCP failover on managed Windows DHCP servers running Windows Server 2012 or greater. Windows DHCP failover can be configured on a DHCP scope previously configured on the Microsoft Management Console (scopes are known as network in Address Manager).

In Microsoft Windows, all DHCP failover settings are contained in an object known as a DHCP failover relationship. You can import or migrate this information from your managed Windows DHCP servers via the DDW server, or you can create a new DHCP failover relationship from the Address Manager user interface.
Note: Windows DHCP failover supports IPv4 DHCP scopes / networks only.

In Read-Only mode, import functionalities in Address Manager have been enhanced to let you import all DHCP failover information for all managed Windows Server interfaces that are predefined in Address Manager.

In Read-Write mode, customers can create, manage and deploy DHCP failover relationships on managed Windows servers from the Address Manager interface by performing the following:

  • Create a Windows DHCP failover relationship between two predefined managed Windows Server Interfaces in Address Manager
  • Define a DHCP deployment role between the two managed Windows Server Interfaces and apply the created DHCP failover relationship to this pair of server interfaces
  • Deploy DHCP on both the pair of managed Windows Servers defined in the Windows DHCP failover relationship

    For details, refer to Configuring Windows DHCP failover relationships.