Managing device types and devices - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Device types and subtypes are specialized tags that identify hardware components in your network. Use Address Manager to help you organize and track network devices in your network environment, in particular multi-homed devices such as routers, or systems that use multiple, virtual IP addresses.

Device types

  • A Device type is a general category of device, such as a router or switch.
  • A Device subtype is a more specific device, such as a particular model of router.

You manage device types and subtypes on the Groups tab. Define your device types and subtypes here before using them in a configuration.


There are two ways to create devices and associate them with IP addresses in a configuration:
  • From the Devices tab in a configuration, where you create the device, and then add IP addresses to it.
  • From the Assign Selected IP Addresses page, where you select an existing device or create a new device while setting the IP address assignment.

Create device objects in Address Manager and assign them one or more IP addresses. Using a specific type of tag similar to object tags, you can then group the devices into categories and sub-categories, and then track them in Address Manager.

The Devices tab lists devices used in the configuration. The following is a list of the components of the Devices tab:
  • The Devices section shows information about the devices in the configuration:
  • Use the Device Type and Device Subtype drop-down lists to filter the list of devices by type and subtype.
  • In the Name column, click a device to view its details.
  • In the IP Addresses column, click an address to view its details.
  • In the Device Type and Device Subtype columns, click a device or device subtype name to view its details.