My IPAM overview - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.2.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager

The My IPAM page is your starting point for working with Address Manager. You can create tabs to sort and organize your Address Manager links and features. For example, you can create tabs to represent the structure of your organization, or to group and organize network management tasks and functions.

The My IPAM page features customizable tabs and widgets:
  • Tabs are customizable panels that organize widgets.
    • You can create and sort your tabs to organize and group together your IPAM information and links. By default, the My IPAM page contains a Home tab.
    • You can add and delete tabs, rename tabs, set the number of columns each tab contains, and change the order of tabs on the page. Each time you visit the My IPAM page, the page displays the first tab in your list.
      Note: Tabs display widgets in a set number of columns. The default setting is three columns, which works well on typical workstation-sized monitors. The maximum setting is ten columns, which lets you take advantage of wide screen monitors and data center display walls. You can set the number of widget columns for each of your tabs.
    • You can customize the widgets on this tab, but you can't delete or rename it.
    • Users can add and manage their own set of tabs.
  • Widgets are containers that provide access to Address Manager features, including Favorites links, Tag Groups, Tasks, Workflow Requests, Server Statistics and Quick Actions.
    • To add widgets to tabs and position them, drag and drop them into place.
    • You can also a tab through the widget templates, and press Enter to automatically add it to the dashboard.
    • New widgets are added at the top of the first column.
    For more information about working with widgets, refer to Using widgets.