Naming policies and DNS views and zones - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Naming policies control the names of resource records according to rules that you define. Naming policies can ensure that resource records are named consistently, that portions of record names are automatically generated, and that restricted words are prevented from being used for record names.

For instructions on creating naming policies, refer to Creating naming policy values, Creating naming restrictions, and Creating naming policies. After naming policies are defined, you can link them to DNS views and DNS zones. When linked to a view or zone, the naming policy controls the names that can be applied to resources records within the view or zone.

You can unlink naming policies so that they no longer affect the resource record names in the DNS view or zone. Unlinking the policy doesn't affect the record names that have been created with the policy.

You can apply multiple naming policies to a DNS view or zone, but the policies can't be linked to the same types of objects in the view or zone. For example, one policy can be applied to host records and another can be applied to alias records.