Notify and Notify Additional Servers - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity
When the Notify option is enabled, a primary DNS server sends messages to secondary servers informing them that the zone has changed. After a secondary receives a notify message, it requests a zone transfer from the primary. The Notify and Notify Additional Servers deployment options can be set at the following levels:
  • Configuration
  • Server group
  • Server
  • View
  • Zone
  • IP block
  • IP network

When you deploy a zone that has been assigned a primary deployment role and at least one secondary deployment role, the Notify setting is automatically set to Automatically Notify servers listed on the Name Servers tab. In this case, Address Manager uses the deployment roles to determine these settings and doesn't require you to manually configure the Notify and Notify Additional Servers options.

To enable the Notify option:

  1. Navigate to the configuration, IP block, IP network, view, or zone in which you want to enable the Notify option.
  2. Select the Deployment Options tab.
  3. Under Deployment Options, click New and select DNS Option.
  4. From the Option drop-down menu, select Notify.
  5. Select the Explicit radio button to notify name servers listed in the Notify Additional Servers deployment option.
  6. Under Servers, select the servers to which the option will apply:
    • All Servers—applies the deployment option to all servers in the configuration.
    • Server Group—applies the deployment option to a specific server group in the configuration. Select a server group from the drop-down menu.
    • Specific Server—applies the deployment option to a specific server in the configuration. Select a server from the drop-down menu.
    Note: You can't override deployment options set at the configuration level from the server group level if the deployment option is applied to a specific server within a server group.
  7. Click Add, or click Add Next to add another deployment option.
After you have added the Notify option, you can add the Notify Additional Servers option if you want the primary server to notify specific secondary servers.