On-exist attributes - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

The following table details valid on-exist attribute values for the new migration engine:


Non-existent object

Existing object

Existing contained objects

skip-object Object is created No action Normal processing
recreate-tree Object is created Deletes object, creates new Deletes all, creates new
unlink Object is created Unlinks listed address from a resource record. If the address is the last address associated with the record, the record is deleted entirely. Normal processing
skip-tree Object is created No action No action
merge-object Object is created Updates stated attributes, leaves unstated unchanged Normal processing
delete-tree No action Deletes the object Deletes all

The following table details on-exist attribute values that have been deprecated and removed:

Legacy verb


Consider using instead

New behaviour

ignore-object Deprecated skip-object Alias for skip-object
replace-object Deprecated recreate-tree Alias for recreate-tree
update-merge Deprecated merge-object Alias for merge-object
ignore Removed skip-object Error - unsupported
skip Removed skip-tree Error - unsupported
update Removed merge-object Error - unsupported
update-replace Removed recreate-tree Error - unsupported
delete Removed delete-tree Error - unsupported