Other DNS Server - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.1.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Other DNS Server represent external servers that are not managed by Address Manager.

You can use external servers when you need to configure DNS delegation, stub zones, and forwarding zones:

  • For DNS delegation, the Other DNS Server represents the DNS server that is not hosting the child zone.
  • For a stub zone, the Other DNS Server represents the authoritative primary.
  • For a forwarding zone, the represents theOther DNS Server authoritative primary.

Although it was imported from a Read-Only server, the zone is not marked as Read-Only because the Other DNS Server does not have Read-Only or Read-Write attributes.

If you delete the zone in Windows, it is not deleted during any subsequent imports, because the Other DNS Server is not deleted and is still associated with the zone. You need to delete both the zone and the server (after making sure that the server is not used anywhere else in the system).