Preserving custom scripts - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

If you are using custom scripts for monitoring and maintenance purposes, you can store your custom scripts in the /home/bluecat/preserved_scripts directory to avoid losing the custom scripts on the server after upgrading.

Attention: BlueCat is NOT responsible for any custom scripts created and maintained by customers. It's the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure any custom scripts function as intended after performing an upgrade.

Only Address Manager administrator users can add, update, and delete the /home/bluecat/preserved_scripts directory and its contents. Address Manager users (non-admins) can only read and execute the scripts in the directory.

  • The total combined size of the custom scripts must not exceed 10% of the /home partition space.
  • Any scripts outside of /home/bluecat/preserved_scripts generating output files and logs won't be migrated after upgrade.
  • Any cron jobs that are added for the custom scripts won't be migrated or retained as part of the upgrade. You must reconfigure any cron jobs after the upgrade.


  • If the /home/bluecat/preserved_scripts directory already exists, its contents and permissions will remain unchanged after upgrade.
  • The contents and permissions of the /home/bluecat/preserved_scripts directory will be retained even after rollback.