Reference: DHCPv6 service options - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.3.2

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

This section lists the DHCPv6 service options that can be configured in Address Manager.

DHCPv6 Service Option Description
Default Lease Time Specifies the default lease time that will be offered to DHCP clients.
Client Updates Indicates whether client updates should be used to maintain DDNS records for this client. When selected, the client updates its own DNS record on the server. When not selected, the DHCP server performs the update. This option is required for DHCP to perform DDNS updates.
DDNS Domain Name Specifies the domain name appended to this client’s hostname to form the fully-qualified DNS name that will be dynamically updated by the DHCP server.
DDNS Host Name Specifies the hostname that should be used in setting up the client’s A and PTR records. If no value is specified, the server will creates a host name automatically, using an algorithm that varies for the different update methods.
  • Type—select the type to be used as part of a DDNS host name value: Client DUID or IP Address.
  • Concat—specify data value that will be used to be prepended to the Client DUID or IP address to form the DDNS host name.
DDNS Reverse Domain Name Specifies the reverse domain name appended to this client’s hostname to form a reverse record. By default, this value is
DDNS TTL Specifies the default TTL for DDNS records, specified as an integer value from 0 to 4,294,967,295 seconds. The values can be set in seconds, minutes, hours or days.
DDNS Updates Indicates whether the server should attempt a DDNS update when the lease is confirmed.
One Lease Per Client When selected, the server clears all existing leases for a client upon the receipt of a new DHCPREQUEST message. This ensures that an interface obtains only one lease at a time for a segment.
Do Reverse Updates Controls whether or not DHCP performs reverse DNS updates for clients. When this option is not present, servers perform reverse updates by default. Use this option when you want to disable reverse updates.
  • When this option is present and the Enabled checkbox is selected, the selected server performs reverse updates. This is the equivalent of this option not being present.
  • When this option is present and the Enabled checkbox is not selected, the selected server does not perform reverse updates.
Server Preference Informs a DHCPv6 client which server is preferred for use on a given subnet. This option is only applied during the initial stages of configuration. After a client bound to an IA, it will remain bound to that IA until it is no longer valid or has expired.
Preferred Lifetime Specifies the length of preferred time before a valid address is deprecated.
Rapid Commit Signals the use of the two message exchange for address assignment. Both DHCP server and client need to be configured to use this option.