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BlueCat Address Manager

The following lists all event level subscriptions.

  • Application—events related to the operation of the Address Manager software.
    Notification Description
    Error Unknown SMTP Host

    Cannot open connection

    Could not execute JDBC batch update

    Error: deadlock detected


    entity cannot be null

    Parameter fieldName must not be null


    Row was updated or deleted or deleted by another transaction

    Session lock cookie already set

    Session lock not found

    Write failure


    Warning You do not have access to carry out that action on this entity
  • Deployment Service—events related to deploying data to servers managed by Address Manager.
    Notification Description
    Success DNS deployment succeeded

    DHCP deployment succeeded

    Warning DNS not deployed

    DHCP not deployed

    Failed DNS deployment failed: Exception occurred during server deployment

    DHCP deployment failed: Exception occurred during server deployment

    DNS deployment failed: Cannot connect to server

    DHCP deployment failed: Cannot connect to server

    Note: Not deployed refers to servers that do not contain the proper DNS/DHCP role but have been selected to deploy a service.
  • Data Check Service—events related to the Data Checker service as it reviews data within configurations.
    Notification Description
    Error One of the Data Checker error rules has been detected or triggered. For complete details on Data Checker Rules, refer to Address Manager Data Checker Rules.
  • DHCP Alert Service—events triggered by the DHCP Alert Settings.
    Notification Description
    Info HD-ratio became normal.
    Warning HD-ratio became high.
  • Migration Service—events related to migrating information into Address Manager
    Notification Description
    Info Migration Started

    Migration Finished

    Error Error while parsing file
  • Database Maintenance Service—events related to the Database Replication, History Archive and Purge, Database Cleaner, Database Re-index, and Transaction History Writing functions.
    Notification Description
    Info Database replication break performed

    Database replication configuration/reconfiguration completed

    Latency for standby server [<hostname>,<IP address>] has reached <latency> which is below the warning threshold <configured warning threshold> seconds.

    Latency for standby server [<hostname>,<IP address>] has reached <latency> which exceeds warning threshold <configured warning threshold> seconds.

    Standby server <server> changed from Not Replicating to Replicating

    History Archive and Purge Task Started

    History Archive and Purge Task Finished

    Launching Transaction History Writing Mule...

    Transaction History Writing Mule was launched successfully

    Warning Issue related to database re-indexing, replication, or history archive and purge

    Standby server <server> changed from Replicating to Not Replicating

    Parallel Transaction History Writing queue utilization exceeds threshold:

    Latency exceeds configured warning latency threshold

    Error Database replication configuration/reconfiguration failed

    Latency for standby server [<hostname>,<IP address>] has reached <latency> which exceeds critical threshold <configured critical threshold> seconds.

    Latency exceeds configured critical latency threshold

    History Archive and Purge task failed

    Transaction History Writing malfunction detected

  • IP Reconciliation Service—events related to the reconciliation of IP addresses through the IP Reconciliation function.
    Notification Description
    Info Reconciliation Service was Started

    Reconciliation Service was Finished

    Error Reconciliation Service Exception
  • Monitoring Service—events related to the servers managed by Address Manager through the service.
    Notification Description
    Info Connection problem was resolved
    Error Cannot connect to Server via SNMP
  • Workflow—events related to workflow requests and approvals
    Notification Description
    Info Workflow Approved

    Workflow Denied

    Workflow Request

    Warning A warning related to a workflow request or approval.
    Error An error related to a workflow request or approval.
  • XHA—events related to the function of servers in an xHA pair.
    Notification Description
    Info xHA server <server-name> was failed over manually
  • DNSSEC Auto Generate Key Service—events related to the automatic generation of DNSSEC Zone Signing Keys and Key Signing Keys.
    Notification Description
    Warning DNSSEC Auto Generate Key Service (a new key has been generated that will eventually replace a key that is about to expire)

    The Warning message will contain the object ID of the new key, the name of the zone/block the key belongs to, and the DNSKEY record data corresponding to this key.

    Error DNSSEC service encounters an error related fetching keys that are about to expire, or while generating new keys.
  • Windows Import Service—events related to importing DNS/DHCP data from Windows (DDW).
    Notification Description
    Error An error occurred verifying Address Manager License
  • Notification Service—events related to notifications
    Notification Description
    Warning Records notification events when a host record did not have a parent network.
  • Report Scheduler—events related to the automatic generation of scheduled reports
    Notification Description
    Success A scheduled report is executed and sent via email notification to all users without any issues.
    Warning A scheduled report is executed successfully but email notification fails for some users. The Warning notification contains a list of users which did not successfully receive the scheduled report email.
    Failed A scheduled report fails or email notification fails for all users.
  • Update—events related to applying patches to Address Manager and DNS/DHCP Servers
    Notification Description
    Info Patch update was started.

    Patch update was finished.

    Error Errors related to the following:
    • Validity of the patch files
    • Disk space check for DNS/DHCP Servers only
  • Deployment Data Validation Services—events related to validating DNS deployment data on BDDS without deploying data.
    Notification Description
    Warning A warning notification will be sent if the F5 cache is not cleared.
  • Datamining Service—events related to collecting data from Address Manager database for visualization.
    Notification Description
    Info Started to collect data visualization. Finished collecting for visualization.
    Error An error occurred collecting data.
  • System Maintenance—events related to the maintenance of BAM and BDDS system.
    Notification Description
    Info Updated password for application user, system user and enable/disable the Update System Passwords through API check box.
    Warning Updated password for application user or system user with varying warning messages.
    Error Failed to update password for application user or system user.
  • Establish Trust Relationship—events related to establishing trust relationships between Address Manager servers.
    Notification Description
    Info Successfully established or removed a trust relationship with varying informational messages.
    Warning Established or removed a trust relationship with varying warning messages.
    Error Failed to establish or remove a trust relationship with varying error messages.
  • Apply IPv4 Network Template—events related to IPv4 network templates.
    Notification Description
    Info Information messages about applying IPv4 network templates.