Resetting database replication - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.3.2

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

How to reset database replication.

In critical database malfunction situations, such as a faulty Address Manager server, a network communication failure between the Primary and Standby server, or a break in WAL file accumulation, database replication between the Primary and Standby server(s) must be broken in order to return the active Address Manager server to stand-alone operation.
  • During normal operation, all replication-related operations, including configuring and breaking replication, should be performed from the Address Manager web-based user interface.
  • Resetting replication is only recommended for unexpected critical situations.

Resetting database replication disables replication on an Address Manager server (Primary or Standby) and returns the active server to stand-alone operation.

Log in to the Administration Console and enter Additional Configuration mode. Use the reset replication command when the Primary server is offline and you need to disable replication on one or more Standby servers. You need to log in to the Administration Console on a Standby server and enter Additional Configuration mode to use the reset replication command.

To reset database replication:

  1. Connect to the Address Manager Administration Console on the server you want to reset. For instructions on how to connect to the Administration Console, refer to Using the Administration Console.
  2. Log in as the administrator.
  3. From Main Session mode, type configure additional and press ENTER.
  4. Type reset replication, and press ENTER. A message appears when the server is set to standalone mode.
Database replication is now disabled on the server, and the server uses its replicated copy of the database. If you have another Standby server in your database replication configuration, reset replication on that server as well.
Note: After resetting replication, scheduled deployment on the standby servers is disabled. In order to prevent possible duplicated deployment from Address Manager servers, re-enable scheduled deployment on each Standby server.