Restoring deleted objects - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Use the Data Restore feature to view and restore previously deleted objects.

Attention: If you upgrade your Address Manager to the latest version, objects that you have deleted before the upgrade can't be restored after upgrading.
The following limitations exist when restoring deleted objects:
  • You can't restore dynamic records.
  • For multiple deleted objects, you can't perform a partial restoration. If you delete multiple objects at the same time, such as multiple zones or multiple IP addresses, you can only perform a data restore operation on the same group of objects.
  • Restoring a deleted user doesn't restore any access rights that had been assigned to the user.
  • Restoring a deleted server returns the server in the unmanaged and unmonitored state. Reconnect to the server to return it to the managed and monitored state.
  • Restoring a deleted server group restores the deployment options that were configured on the server group before it was deleted. Associations between servers and the deleted server group will also be restored.
    Attention: You can't restore a deleted Server Group if the servers that were association to that Server Group now belong to a different Server Group. You must remove the servers that were previously associated to the deleted Server Group from their current Server Group before attempting to restore the deleted Server Group.
  • In databases larger than 10 megabytes, you may not be able restore deleted configurations, DNS views, and top-level IPv4 blocks.