SNMP Traps with Anycast - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Use SNMP Trap service with Anycast BGP, OSPF, or RIP. First configure your Anycast environment, then configure SNMP Trap monitoring using servers for the respective Anycast service.

To enable SNMP Trap service with Anycast:

  1. Enable Anycast service and configure either BGP, OSPF, or RIP.
  2. Configure SNMP Trap Settings. For details on configuring SNMP Traps, refer to Enabling SNMP Trap Service on DNS/DHCP Servers.
Attention: SNMP Trap service with Anycast might result in accumulation of the following log message:
  • snmp[warning]: Warning: Failed to connect to the agentx master agent ([NIL])

These messages are innocuous and create no impact on service.

Attention: SNMP Traps aren't sent with BGPv6 (Anycast BGP over IPv6). This is a result of a third-party limitation. For more information, refer to Knowledge Base article 06685 on BlueCat Customer Care.