Server modes - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

A Managed Windows server can operate in one of two modes, Read-Only mode or Read-Write mode. You can import data into Address Manager when a Managed Windows server is in Read-Only mode. After you have imported the data, you switch the Managed Windows server to the Read-Write mode, and you can begin managing the DNS and DHCP services.

Read-Only mode

In Read-Only mode, Address Manager monitors DNS and DHCP information from your Windows servers; it does not manage the servers. While the servers are is in this mode, you import DNS and DHCP data into Address Manager.

You can also define a schedule to periodically import DNS and DHCP data from your Windows servers.

While in Read-Only mode, you cannot deploy data from Address Manager to your Windows servers.

To prevent users from modifying DNS and DHCP data that may conflict with the imported Windows data, Address Manager disables the controls to objects from a Read-Only server. This ensures that the data in Address Manager is an accurate reflection of the Windows data while in Read-Only mode.

When a server is in Read-Only mode, you will continue configuring data using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

DNS and DHCP data is sent from Windows to Address Manager in two ways:
  • Import (and re-import which includes reconciliation).
  • Notification (only dynamic objects: DNS resource records and DHCP leases are sent to Address Manager by this method).
    Attention: Address Manager only displays notification information with characters within the ISO/IEC 8859-1 character set. Any characters outside of the ISO/IEC 8859-1 character set are displayed as a question mark (?).

Read-Write mode

After you have imported the Windows DNS and DHCP data into Address Manager, you can switch each Managed Windows server from Read-Only to Read-Write mode.

After switching the server to Read-Write mode, you can begin managing the DNS and DHCP data on that server from Address Manager. Address Manager manages DNS objects such as zones, resource records, and options, and DHCP objects such as scopes, reservations, and options.

During deployment, Address Manager updates the existing data on the Managed Windows servers.

Address Manager sends DNS and DHCP data to Windows via the deployment mechanism. Windows continues to send dynamic objects (DNS resource records and DHCP leases) to Address Manager via notifications.

Note: DNS and DHCP data cannot be imported into Address Manager after the Managed Windows server is in Read/Write mode.
Attention: Do not use the Microsoft Management Console to modify a Managed Windows server in Read/Write mode.

Using the MMC to modify a Managed Windows server already in Read/Write mode may result in a loss of data. After a Managed Windows server has been switched to Read/Write mode, you must make changes to the server from the Address Manager user interface.