Start of Authority Records - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

You can set the SOA deployment option at the configuration, view, server, zone, IP block, and IP network levels.

SOA records are always imported at the zone level. If you switch a Managed Windows server to Read-Write mode, and then decide to configure Start of Authority at a higher level, you must delete the SOA from the zone level. If you do not, the zone level option overrides the option set at the higher level.
  • An imported Start of Authority (SOA) Resource Record does not include a server association, so it does not appear in the Editable State column after you import data from a Managed Windows server.
  • When you import DNS data from a Managed Windows server, the SOA Resource Record is imported for primary and AD Integrated primary zones only. It is not imported for other zone types.
If you do not create a SOA deployment option in Address Manager, when you deploy the data Address Manager uses an SOA record with the following default parameters based on best practices.
Address Manager Windows Default Value (as deployed from Address Manager)
Primary Server Primary Server—name of server n/a
Administrative Contact Email Responsible Person
Refresh Refresh Interval 60 minutes (1 hour)
Retry Retry Interval 10 minutes
Expire Value Expires After 30 days
Minimum Value Minimum (default) TTL 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • Address Manager does not deploy Serial Number formats (date or manual), to a Managed Windows server.
  • The Retrieve button is not supported for a Managed Windows server.