Static routes - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Add static routes in to indicate where the system should send packets intended for certain IP addresses.

Packets to be sent to hosts on the same subnet as the Address Manager server or DNS/DHCP Server can be routed directly to that subnet. The same procedures can be used to manage either IPv4 or IPv6 routes.

Note: IPv4 and IPv6 static routes are persisted by Address Manager after a reboot of the Address Manager or DNS/DHCP Server, or after performing a software upgrade.
Note: DNS/DHCP Server does not permit configuration of duplicate static routes

DNS/DHCP Server does not permit static routes that duplicate the network address and netmask of IP addresses configured on physical interfaces. However, you can configure static routes that overlap existing IP addresses on physical interfaces. That is, network addresses that are larger or smaller than the IP addresses on eth0, or eth2.

To view details about static routes, use show network from Main Session Mode or use show static-routes from the network configuration mode.

Proteus> show network

Default IPv4 Gateway =