Subscribing to the Windows Import event notification - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Use Notification Groups in Address Manager to receive notifications for Windows Import Service events.

Members of the Notification group who subscribe to Windows Import Service notifications receive warning messages when errors occur when importing data into Address Manager.
Note: You must create a Notification Group to subscribe to Windows Import Service notifications. For details, refer to Creating Notification Groups.

To subscribe to Windows Import Service event notification:

  1. Select the Administration tab. Tabs remember the page you last worked on. Select the Administration tab again to ensure you are working with the Administration page.
  2. Under Tracking, click Notification Groups. The Notification Group page opens.
  3. From the Notification Groups page, click the name of your notification group. The Notification Group name page opens.
  4. Click the notification group name and select Subscribe to Event Levels. The Subscribe to Event Levels page opens.
  5. Under Event Level Subscription, select/deselect the check box to subscribe/unsubscribe to Error messages for Windows Import Service.
  6. Under Change Control, add comments to describe the changes. By default, this step is optional but might be set as a requirement.
  7. Click Subscribe.