Supported servers - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.2.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Address Manager
The types of servers you can manage in Address Manager are as follows:
  • BIG-IP DNS Server—An F5 DNS server that can act as a secondary of a primary BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server.
  • DNS/DHCP Server—A BlueCat server used to provide DNS or DHCP services.
  • Local Traffic Manager—An F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM) that serves as a load balancer in an F5 environment.
  • BlueCat External DNS Hosted Services-PCS server—An externally hosted cloud DNS service provided by a service provider on a remote server. You connect to the cloud service through an API provided by the hosting service. PCS servers are intended for use as secondary servers for a primary or hidden primary configured on a managed DNS/DHCP Server. You can only apply the secondary DNS deployment role to a PCS server. A configuration can have only one PCS server. PCS servers can't be used in an xHA pair.
  • Other DNS Server—A non-Address Manager, non-DNS/DHCP Server on an external network. For example: an external server.
Tip: Servers do not need to be installed and connected to your network prior to adding them to Address Manager. You can add the servers to Address Manager first and then connect to them later.
Attention: DDW and Managed Windows Servers are end of life and no longer supported in Address Manager v9.1.0 and greater. Upon upgrading to Address Manager v9.1.0 and greater, you can't manage or deploy to DDW and Managed Windows Servers.