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BlueCat Address Manager

Address Manager includes a system check when upgrading from an earlier software version. As part of the upgrade process, Address Manager will conduct a check of the following system components. If any one of these requirements is not met, the upgrade will fail.

BlueCat strongly recommends that you configure Address Manager to meet the following requirements BEFORE upgrading to Address Manager v9.0.0.

  • Disk partitions—available data partitions must be larger than or equal to the size of the Address Manager database (a backup of the Address Manager database is taken during the upgrade process)
  • Address Manager database—size of the Address Manager database must not exceed 40GB

Ensure these requirements are met before applying the software upgrade. After applying the update, if the Address Manager version number is not version 9.0.0, then the software upgrade has failed. For complete details, refer to Resolving upgrade warnings and failures.