System settings - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Enter system configuration mode to view and configure settings related to hostname, the state of network redundancy/bonding (enabled or disabled), and STIG-compliance.

Run the configure system command to set the hostname and enable/disable STIG-compliance.

Press Tab to view a list of available commands, or type ? to view a description of each available item:
  • Exit—exit from System Configuration mode.
  • Help—display help information.
  • History—display the current session’s command line history.
  • Save—save changes to system settings.
  • Set—set the system settings.
  • Show—view system information.

To view system settings

Use show system from Main Session Mode.

Proteus> show system
Hostname =
Bonding = Disable
Stig Compliance = Disable
Product = Proteus
Version = 9.3.0
Vendor = BlueCat
Memory = 4096 MB
HD Size = 500 GB

To view the current hostname

Use show hostname from System Configuration Mode.

Proteus> configure system
Proteus:configure:system> show hostname
Hostname = new.server