Upgrading DNS/DHCP Server software - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

This section describes how to apply software updates and patches to DNS/DHCP Server appliances and virtual machines that are under Address Manager control.

Note: Address Manager and DNS/DHCP Server v9.3.0 support 64-bit hardware systems.

Upgrading the DNS/DHCP Server software installs the most current version of the software downloaded to Address Manager. DNS/DHCP Server software updates are available from BlueCat Customer Care and are uploaded to Address Manager from your local machine/workstation.

Before upgrading DNS/DHCP Server appliances or VMs, refer to Address Manager software updates for more information about downloading software upgrades for Address Manager.


Address Manager v9.3.0 supports DNS/DHCP Server appliances and virtual machines running software version 9.0.0 or greater only. BlueCat recommends that customers upgrading to Address Manager v9.3.0 also upgrade any managed servers to software version 9.0.0 or greater in order to ensure proper continuity and functionality of services.

Attention: Standalone servers behind NAT

Any servers running software version 6.7.x behind NAT must be upgraded to DNS/ DHCP Server v9.0.0 or greater to ensure the Address Manager displays the NAT IP address properly.

You can upgrade single DNS/DHCP Servers or multiple DNS/DHCP Servers at once. If upgrading multiple servers, they reboot in sequence once the upgrade is complete.
Attention: Once you have successfully updated to DNS/DHCP Server v9.3.0, you must perform a full deployment to ensure that all services are operating correctly.