User management - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

This topic describes settings related to user accounts in Address Manager and DNS/DHCP Server.

Use the Administration Console to configure passwords for user accounts in BAM and BDDS. Use the configure users command to go to the user configuration mode.
Default accounts
Address Manager admin and bluecat
DNS/DHCP Server admin, bluecat, and portal
Note: The bluecat user account is for use by STIG customers only. STIG customers MUST enable the bluecat user account by configuring a password BEFORE enabling STIG. The bluecat user password must comply with STIG-compliant password policies. Customers are also recommended to set STIG compliant passwords for the admin and root accounts before enabling STIG compliance.
Note: The portal user account is for use by BlueCat Device Registration Portal (DRP) customers only. DRP customers must configure the portal user to allow DRP to communicate with DNS/DHCP Server.

To view the password expiry and account status for user accounts configured on the system, type show users and press ENTER from Main Session mode.

Proteus> show users
    Password Expiry = Never
    Account Status = Unlocked
    Password Expiry = Never
    Account Status = Unlocked
Press Tab to view a list of available commands, or type ? to view a description of each available item:
  • Exit—exit from user configuration mode.
  • Help—display help.
  • History—display the current session’s command line history.
  • Modify—modify user. Run the modify command to set the password for the selected user profile.
  • Show—display user details.