Viewing deployment events - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

From the Event List, view events specifically related to the deployment of resource records.

Event List includes start and end times for all deployments, including deployment duration. Click an event to view complete details in the Event Summary page.
Tip: If the event message isn't completely visible in the Event List, place your mouse cursor over the event message to view the full message in a pop-up.

To view deployment events:

  • From the Event List, click on a deployment event in the Event List to view the Event Summary page. The Event Summary page displays General, Server and Deployed Resource Records sections for deployment events.
  • The General section contains the full deployment event message, which includes deployment status, deployment type, servers included in deployment, start or end times, and the duration of deployment.
    Note: Deployment duration is only included as part of deployment completed events.
  • The Server section lists the servers involved in the deployment.
  • The Deployed Resource Records section lists resource records deployed during a differential deployment or by a Quick Deploy:
    • Parent—displays the server to which the resource record is deployed
    • Resource Record—displays the resource record data, including its object ID, name, record type, record data, and time to live value
    • Operation—displays the operation performed on the record, either add, update, or delete