What's New in Address Manager v9.2.0 - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.2.0

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BlueCat Address Manager

The following features and functionalities are new in Address Manager v9.2.0:

Address Manager Application Scalability

The Address Manager v9.2.0 release introduces improved scalability by leveraging a Standby Address Manager server, where Primary and Standby Address Managers servers are in the same data center with very low latency, and an optional Tertiary Address Manager server in a different data center for Disaster Recovery. In this configuration, both the Primary and Standby servers can be used simultaneously for API and GUI access. All database transactions will still be processed by the Primary Address Manager server. For more information, refer to Address Manager scalability with database replication.

DNS Edge Service Point on DNS/DHCP Server

Experience appliance and software flexibility by configuring a DNS Edge service point on a supported DNS/DHCP Server appliance. This enables your existing hardware to streamline network operations and take advantage of enhanced DNS, providing better visibility and control. Leverage existing BDDS appliances to serve DNS/DHCP and spin-up service points however or whenever you need, at no additional cost. Service point functionality (such as policy application, threat evaluation, and DNS event logging) can all be applied to the DNS client traffic directed to the service point's IPv4 address. For more information, refer to DNS Edge service point on DNS/DHCP Server.

Note: BlueCat DNS Edge SP v3.0.6 is a prerequisite of configuring a service point on DNS/DHCP Server. You must configure a DNS Edge Customer Instance before configuring a service point on DNS/DHCP Server via the Address Manager user interface.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows you to leverage SAML-based Web Single Sign-On (SSO) and OAuth API authorization in Address Manager. IAM eliminates the complexity associated with network management by implementing SSO capabilities with SAML 2.0. In addition, you can protect your DDI tools though federated identity and enforce mandatory log-in using multi-factor authentication. Customers can simply log into one platform improving ease-of-use without compromising network security. With SAML-based Web SSO in Address Manager, all user login credentials are authenticated by the Identity Provider (IdP). Address Manager supports both SP-initiated SSO and IdP-inititated SSO. The OAuth API authorization secures the Address Manager API with three authorization grants in the OAuth 2.0 specification: Authorization Code Grant, Implicit Grant, and Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant. For more information, refer to Identity and Access Management.

Address Manager UI Enhancements

Address Manager v9.2.0 introduces enhancements that align with BlueCat's UI Style Guidelines, improving customer UI experience, and keeping complex and repetitive workflows useful.

Higher security and validation for potentially impactful actions

  • Delete Links to a Gateway IP Address

    If the gateway address is linked to a hostname, MAC address, tag, or device, the links to these objects will be deleted when you clear the gateway IP address assignment. For more information, refer to Clearing an IPv4 address assignment.

  • Server Deletion Process Enhancement

    Enhancements have been made to the server deletion process. Starting in Address Manager v9.2.0, you can review the roles assigned to each server before deleting a server, mitigating the risk of accidental server deletion.

Reduce work-arounds and optimize effort to manage the system

  • UDFs Populate with Default Value

    The UDFs PortalGroup and BlueCatGateway now populate with the default value set for the fields. Previously, after setting a default value for these fields and a LDAP user logs in for the first time to Address Manager using the GUI or API, the default value did not populate into these fields.

  • Configure Disk Space for Address Manager VM

    Starting in Address Manager v9.2.0, you can configure the amount of disk space allocated to new Address Manager VM installations. With this new feature, you can assign more disk space for data partition, and install ISO with license manager. For more information, refer to "Installing Virtual Machine in VMware for ISO installation" in the VM Installation Guide.

  • Serial Connection displays Grub menus

    Grub menus and BIOS information are now available in the serial connection when the system boots. For more information, refer to Accessing the GRUB command-line.

  • Event Level Subscription Notification

    Improvements have been made to event level subscriptions where Address Manager now sends email notifications when deployment validation fails. In the Deployment Service event level subscription, an Invalid notification is added which triggers the email notification.