Windows DHCP Reservations - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

DHCP reservations ensure that a specific MAC address always receives the same IP address dynamically. In Address Manager, the equivalent of a DHCP reservation is a DHCP reserved address.

DHCP reserved addresses are always excluded from a DHCP address pool. This ensures that an IP address is assigned only to a specific MAC address.

In Address Manager, you can create a DHCP reservation both inside and outside a DHCP range; however, Windows Server 2008 or greater, and Windows Server 2012 or greater, do not allow you to create a DHCP reservation outside of a DHCP range.

Deploying a reservation outside of a DHCP range to a Managed Windows server (2008 or greater) creates an invalid configuration, however, Address Manager helps to avoid this problem. If you create a reservation outside of a DHCP range and deploy it to a Managed Windows server (2008 or greater) upon deployment, the DHCP address pool in Windows expands to include the reservation. Any additional IP addresses created inside the enlarged range are deployed as exclusions.
Note: As a best practice, BlueCat recommends that you configure DHCP reserved addresses inside the DHCP range.