Windows DHCP Vendor Profiles - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

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BlueCat Address Manager

The Address Manager equivalent of a Windows DHCP vendor class is a vendor profile. In Address Manager, a DHCP Vendor Profile allows you to assign options to DHCP clients based on a vendor-supplied identifier.

A vendor profile is the container that stores a specific set of DHCP vendor options. Devices such as IP phones or set-top boxes often use DHCP options that are device–specific. A vendor profile allows you to create and collect one or more unique deployment options into a single entity, and then assign these options where required.

When you have created the vendor profile and populated it with the appropriate options, you can assign these options at any level where DHCP client deployment options can be assigned.

You can import vendor classes from a Managed Windows DHCP server. You can also configure vendor profiles on Address Manager and deploy them to a Managed Windows DHCP server.

Mapping of Address Manager options to Windows options

Mapping of Address Manager Vendor Profiles to Windows Vendor Classes
Custom Option Type Address Manager Windows Server 2008
IPv4 Address IPv4 Address IP Address
Text Text String
Unsigned 8-bit Integer Unsigned Integer 8bit Byte
Unsigned 16-bit Integer Unsigned Integer 16bit Word
Unsigned 32-bit Integer Unsigned Integer 32bit Long
Unsigned 64-bit Integer Unsigned 64-bit Integer (Windows) Long Integer
Signed 8-bit Integer Signed Integer 8bit No Equivalent
Signed 16-bit Integer Signed Integer 16bit No Equivalent
Signed 32-bit Integer Signed Integer 32bit No Equivalent
Boolean Boolean No equivalent
IPv4 Mask IPv4 Mask IP Address
String String No equivalent
Binary Binary (Windows) Binary
Encapsulated Encapsulated (Windows) Encapsulated

DHCP Vendor Classes in Address Manager

Address Manager imports Windows vendor class definitions as vendor profile definitions. You can view these imported definitions on the Administration page. Vendor profiles are not affected by reconciliation during re-imports. All re-imports of the same vendor profile are ignored, even if they have been changed on the Managed Windows server. If you need to re-import a modified vendor class definition, you must delete the vendor profile in Address Manager, and then re-import the data from the Managed Windows server.