Windows DHCP services - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Address Manager allows you to manage Windows DHCP services. From Address Manager you can import DHCP scopes, pools, exclusions, reservations, and options, including pre-defined options and vendor classes. Managed Windows DHCP servers send DHCP leases to Address Manager by a notification mechanism that ensures the lease information on Address Manager is up-to-date.

Windows DHCP objects

Some of the terms used when configuring DHCP in Windows are different from those used in Address Manager. Windows DHCP uses the terms scopes and address pools as container objects for DHCP. A scope defines the size of the network. An address pool is a child object of a scope and contains a start and an end address. Address Manager uses the terms IP network and DHCP range for DHCP objects. An Address Manager IP network object can be considered as almost equivalent to the Windows scope, and a DHCP range is similar to the Windows address pool.
Windows Object Address Manager Object
DHCP Scopes IPv4 Networks
Pools/Ranges DHCP Ranges
Reservations DHCP Reserved IP addresses
Vendor Classes Vendor Profiles
Exclusions Exclusions
Predefined Options DHCP Custom Options
DHCP Options (server, client, reservation) DHCP Client Deployment Options
DHCP Settings (lease length, conflict detection) DHCP Service Deployment Options