Working with DNS zones - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

A DNS zone of authority represents part of the DNS namespace (public or internal) that is managed by one or more DNS servers. DNS zones contain resource records and can have settings applied to them.

You can import DNS zones from a Read-Only Windows DNS server, or you can create DNS zones from Address Manager and deploy them to a Managed Windows DNS server.
Note: Address Manager does not support importing or deploying of root zones from Windows servers. If a Windows DNS configuration contains a root zone, Address Manager ignores it during the import process and during deployment.

DNS Zones in Address Manager

All DNS zones from a Read-Only Managed Windows server are imported into a view that you specified when you added the DNS server. The following objects are added in Address Manager during an import:

  • All supported resource records, provided the IP networks exist in Address Manager (in the case of host records).
  • Zone level settings are added as DNS deployment options at the zone level.
  • Server level settings are added as DNS deployment options at the server level.
  • The appropriate deployment role or roles are added at the zone level.
Other DNS server objects are created at the server level for any DNS servers not under Address Manager control, or for any Managed Windows DNS servers that you have not added yet.
Note: All subsequent imports of the same zone do not include updates to resource records. Resource records are updated through notifications. You can choose to delete existing resource records and re-import during our import operation.

For information on adding, editing, and deleting DNS zones, refer to Adding DNS Zones.