Working with imported Windows DHCP data - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

When you import data only from a Read-Only Windows server, the data (networks, DHCP ranges, deployment options), is marked as Read-Only and DHCP reserved. While the server is in Read-Only mode you can view the imported data, but you have limited abilities to change it in Address Manager.

For example, you cannot assign IP addresses in a Read-Only network, and you cannot delete deployment roles to a Read-Only server or a Read-Only network. This ensures that the data in Address Manager and the data on the Managed Windows server are as consistent as possible.
Note: For troubleshooting purposes, you can delete a network that you imported from a Read-Only DHCP server.

Read-Only DHCP Restrictions

To maintain consistency between the data on a Read-Only Windows DHCP server and Address Manager, the following actions are prevented within the UI.

  • Deployment—You cannot deploy to a Read-Only DHCP server.
  • Deployment Roles—You cannot delete deployment roles associated with a Read-Only DHCP server.
  • Deployment Options—You cannot delete or modify deployment options imported from a Read-Only server. You cannot add deployment options that point to a Read-Only server.
  • Read-Only Networks—You cannot perform the following actions on a Read-Only network:
    • Edit
    • Resize
    • Split
    • Move
    • Assign Template
    • Create new DHCP range
    • Merge selected DHCP ranges
    • Share
  • IP Addresses within a Read-Only Network—You cannot assign new IP addresses from a Read-Only network, and you cannot modify or delete existing addresses. This includes all allocation types. You cannot add options to DHCP reserved IP addresses, and you cannot edit them or delete them.
  • DHCP Ranges—You cannot create new DHCP ranges within a Read-Only network. You also cannot edit, resize or delete existing Read-Only ranges.
Note: Read-Only networks are skipped during with the Find First Available IPv4 Network. The Find First Unassigned IPv4 Address function skips IP Addresses within Read-Only networks.