Address Manager Legacy v1 API - SOAP - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Legacy v1 API Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

The Legacy v1 Address Manager API is a SOAP web service, so it has an accessible WSDL file.

You can access this file and generate your own classes and methods to use when connecting to the service. To view the WSDL file in a browser, go to http://<AddressManager_IP>/Services/API?wsdl. If HTTPS is enabled on Address Manager, use the HTTPS protocol in the address.

SOAP Binding Address

The WSDL file uses the Address Manager server’s hostname as the soap:address location.

For an Address Manager appliance with the factory default hostname, the Address Manager Legacy v1 API service looks like this example:
<service name='ProteusAPI'>
 <port binding='tns:ProteusAPIBinding' name='ProteusAPIPort'> 
 <soap:address location='http://new.server/Services/API'/> 

To configure the soap:address location attribute to your Address Manager appliance, download a copy of the WSDL file to your workstation. Edit the local copy of the WSDL file to change the soap:address location to the required address. Configure your SOAP tools to load the WSDL file from your local copy of the file, rather than from the Address Manager appliance.

SOAP Ports

To access the Address Manager Legacy v1 API, use the following ports:
  • Port 80 when using HTTP
  • Port 443 when using HTTPS

Maintaining state with cookies

Address Manager uses cookies to maintain state. When using WSDL-generated classes, be sure to enable cookies on your system.