Network template and IPv4 template generic methods - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Legacy v1 API Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Update, retrieve, and delete network templates and IPv4 templates using generic methods.

API methods

Update the network template and IPv4 template name: PUT /v1/update

Get a list of network templates and IPv4 templates: GET /v1/getEntities

Get a list of IPv4 objects linked to an IPv4 template: GET /v1/getLinkedEntities
Note: The getLinkedEntities API only returns a single object type that is linked to an object. To retrieve a list of each IPv4 objects linked to an IPv4 template, you must make multiple getLinkedEntities API calls and specify each IPv4 object type. For example:
GET http://<bam_ip_or_hostname>/Services/REST/v1/getLinkedEntities?count=20&start=0&entityId=<ip4_template_id>&type=IP4Network
GET http://<bam_ip_or_hostname>/Services/REST/v1/getLinkedEntities?count=20&start=0&entityId=<ip4_template_id>&type=IP4Block
GET http://<bam_ip_or_hostname>/Services/REST/v1/getLinkedEntities?count=20&start=0&entityId=<ip4_template_id>&type=IP4Address
GET http://<bam_ip_or_hostname>/Services/REST/v1/getLinkedEntities?count=20&start=0&entityId=<ip4_template_id>&type=DHCP4Range

Delete the network template and IPv4 template: DELETE /v1/delete