PUT /v1/updateWithOptions - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Legacy v1 API Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity


Updates objects requiring a certain behavior that is not covered by the regular update method. This method applies to CNAME, MX, and SRV records, and DNS/DHCP Servers.


Name Description

Location: query

Type: string

A string containing the update options.

When updating CNAME, MX, and SRV records, only one option is supported: linkToExternalHost=boolean. If true, update will search for the external host record specified in linkedRecordName even if a host record with the same exists under the same DNS View. If the external host record is not present, it will throw an exception. If false, update will search for the host record specified in linkedRecordName.

When updating DNS/DHCP Servers, you can configure the disable=boolean and resetControl=boolean options.
  • If you configure disable=true, the DNS/DHCP Server is disabled. Disabling a server stops all deployments, DDNS updates, and services on that server. If you configure disable=false, the server is enabled and restores the disabled server to normal operation.
  • If you configure resetControl=true, the DNS/DHCP Server is removed from Address Manager control. Once you have removed a DNS/DHCP Server from Address Manager control, you must replace the server from Address Manager to reconfigure it.
    Attention: You must first disable the server before proceeding to remove the server from Address Manager control.

Location: body

The actual API entity to be updated.


Code Description

Type: none