Introduction - BlueCat Integrity - 9.6.0

Address Manager RESTful v2 API Guide

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BlueCat Integrity
Welcome to the BlueCat Address Manager RESTful v2 API Guide.
Attention: This guide exclusively covers the Address Manager RESTful v2 API. For information about the Address Manager Legacy v1 API, refer to the Address Manager Legacy v1 API Guide.

This guide is meant to be a companion to the Swagger documentation accessible on Address Manager v9.6.0 servers at http://{Address_Manager_IP}/api/docs. All v2 RESTful API endpoints and resources are documented in the interactive Swagger UI. Users can also download the RESTful v2 API OpenAPI (OAS3) document and import it into their API client of choice. For more information, refer to Creating an API session.

The RESTful v2 API adheres to REST architectural constraints and the HTTP 1.1 standard. Address Manager objects are presented as resources. Each resource has a unique endpoint, and related resources are grouped in collections. For more information, refer to Resource representation.

The RESTful v2 API is hypermedia driven. When using the API, you can use links to navigate to related resources or child resources of the requested resource. For more information, refer to HAL links.

The RESTful v2 API allows users to structure response data with a variety of query parameters. For more information, refer to Query parameters.

The RESTful v2 API currently covers most v1 REST API functionality, and is intended to replace the v1 REST API in the future. For a mapping of v1 REST APIs to RESTful v2 API endpoints, and a reference for currently unsupported actions, refer to the v1 REST API to RESTful v2 API migration guide.