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Address Manager RESTful v2 API Guide

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The RESTful v2 API presents Address Manager objects as resources. Each resource has a unique URI or endpoint composed of the resource's collection name and ID (unique to the resource type). For example, a HostRecord resource with ID 1234 would have a URI of /resourceRecords/1234. Resources, defined by their fields, are retrieved and mutated by sending requests to resource or collection endpoints using the standard HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE. To fetch an individual resource, a GET request is sent to the resource’s endpoint. The body of the response message for a GET request will contain a representation of a resource. The representation contains all fields describing the complete state of an Address Manager object.
Attention: For resources provided in request bodies, the Address Manager RESTful v2 API ignores unknown fields and will not throw an error if included. Only the expected fields detailed in the resource schemas are validated.

Common resource fields

The following fields are common to all resource representations:
  • id - (number) Identifier of resource.

  • type - (string) Type of resource.

  • name - (string) Name of resource.

  • _links - (object) if media type application/hal+json is specified, the URI link to the resource and links to relevant collections. Refer to HAL links for more information.

    • self.href - (string) URI of resource.

    • collection.href - (string) URI of the collection the resource is a member of. If the resource is not a member of a collection, this property can be omitted.

    • up.href - (string) URI of the parent resource. If the resource is not within a hierarchy of resources, this property can be omitted.

    • other _links - (string) additional URI links to associated subcollections.

Example View resource


GET http://{Address_Manager_IP}/api/v2/views/101148
Authorization: Basic {basicAuthenticationCredentials}


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/hal+json

  "id": 101148,
  "type": "View",
  "name": "Default",
  "configuration": {
    "id": 100881,
    "type": "Configuration",
    "name": "config-1",
    "_links": {
      "self": {
        "href": "/api/v2/configurations/100881"
  "deviceRegistrationEnabled": false,
  "deviceRegistrationPortalAddress": null,
  "userDefinedFields": null,
  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148"
    "collection": {
      "href": "/api/v2/configurations/100881/views"
    "up": {
      "href": "/api/v2/configurations/100881"
    "deploymentOptions": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/deploymentOptions"
    "deploymentRoles": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/deploymentRoles"
    "restrictedRanges": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/restrictedRanges"
    "namingPolicies": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/namingPolicies"
    "templates": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/templates"
    "zones": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/zones"
    "tags": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/tags"
    "accessRights": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/accessRights"
    "transactions": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/transactions"
    "userDefinedLinks": {
      "href": "/api/v2/views/101148/userDefinedLinks"