Using a web browser - BlueCat Integrity - 9.6.0

Address Manager RESTful v2 API Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Users can browse Address Manager RESTful v2 API endpoints directly in a supported web browser using endpoint URLs. Browser navigation is supported for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Enter the following URL in the location bar to access the root collection:

The browser will prompt for Basic authentication credentials. Enter the User name and apiToken generated when creating an API session, as detailed in Basic authentication.
Tip: If the prompt is closed before entering authentication details, subsequent attempts to reach the endpoint will return a 401 Unauthorized error. Clear the browser cookies to bring up the authentication prompt again on the next attempt.

Once the browser session is authenticated, the browser can be used to navigate through the API. Use the links provided in userDefinedFields to navigate through the hierarchy of Address Manager collections and resources. For example, selecting the configurations link will navigate to the /api/v2/configurations endpoint and return a collection of all Address Manager Configurations.